Sprinklers & Irrigation

Hydrologistics provides the highest quality sprinkler installation and irrigation in Bozeman Montana. We offer the following services for your green space.

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Irrigation Assessment
A sprinkler system assessment is an important first step in installing a home sprinkler system or fine-tuning your existing system. We help you pinpoint problems, including dry spots, areas that are too wet, and waste issues. An assessment helps us formulate a plan for installation or re-configuration that will minimize wasted water and keep money in your pocket.

Sprinkler System Installation
If you need sprinkler system installation for your current yard, or for a newly purchased home, we can help you. We perform a site audit in order to obtain important information about soil type, lawn area and measurements, and the location of landscape features such as patios and flowerbeds.

In addition to providing sprinkler installation services, we provide regular maintenance and configuration services, including winterization, check-ups, and start-up visits each year.

Beyond regularly scheduled maintenance, if anything goes wrong with your existing sprinkler system, we have the tools, parts, and knowledge necessary to fix your problem. We pride ourselves in timely, professional service, and can quickly and efficiently fix a wide variety of sprinkler systems.

Hydrologistics Irrigation LLC provides the highest quality Bozeman landscaping, irrigation and sprinkler, outdoor lighting, and waterfeature landscaping services. Contact us today to get a quote or learn more about how we can help you.